Testimonial from R P Lalit & Co.


    Mr. Prasad K. S.
    M/s. Vulcan Construction

In the first week of Feb 2013, I wanted to move to new premises and engaged local personnel for painting and other incidental works. Due to my professional commitments I was out of station for couple of days. When I came back, I found that the place was more vulnerable than it was due to skill. Then, I requested the help of Mr. Prasad of M/s. Vulcan Construction, immediately he came to rescue and made sure that the non scheduled work is completed even though, his skilled men are busy in other ongoing projects.

I thank him for extending help at right time, even after his busy schedule.

It’s my privilege to recommend Mr. Prasad of M/s. Vulcan Construction for all constructing needs.

I wish you all the best for Mr. Prasad and his team for construction of dreams in coming years.


Raghu Hulikal
R P Lalit & Co.
Advocates and Solicitors.


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